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Road bike wheels are fundamental determiners of your cycling experience. Often riders find it difficult to decide when to replace or upgrade the road bike wheels. An easy way to determine is to check the wheel rims. Some rims have replacement indicators, a hole or groove that disappears gradually as the rim wears down. If no wear indicator exists, look for signs of excessive wear, like a slight concave depression.

The clincher, tubular, and tubeless road bike wheels are the most common types to choose from. Clincher road bike wheels offer the most comfort, which is why they are popular. Clinchers are durable, safe to ride and have low surface contact reducing friction. Tubular wheels have no bead rim inside and are more prone to punctures. Tubeless road bike wheels are a bit heavier than clinchers as they have a specialized material inside, which makes them more durable on the road. Selection of the type must be based on the road bike model, the frame size, and the fork. 

We understand that road bike wheels are not easy to choose. Colorado Cyclist handpicks the latest road bike wheels from top bike brands for all models. Whether your bike model is designed for performance, endurance, or triathlon, we have road bike wheels for them. Our team of cycling enthusiasts is always available to help you find the perfect fit road bike wheel. Shop for wheels from brands like Campagnolo, DT Swiss, ENVE Composites, Fulcrum, HED, Shimano, Spank, and Zipp.

Shop for the best road bike wheels from the top brands and Colorado Cyclist’s trust factor. Choose wheels by brand, diameter, color, or tire width. Complete wheelsets for your road bikes are delivered to the doorstep. We match your requirements with the best product to provide complete satisfaction.

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