Shimano R540 Light Action Pedals White

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Light Action is the only kind of action.

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A great choice for starting on a clipless pedal, the Shimano PD-R540 Light Action Pedal is ideal for anyone who has any hesitation jumping on the clipless bandwagon. Shimano pedals are known for their easy entry and release and with the Light Action version of the PD-R540 is for those who are going to want to clip in and out of the pedals with smoothness and ease. Features like adjustable tension, a super low profile and wide supportive aluminum body are shared with its higher-priced siblings and it will ensure that you will not grow out of once you master the technique of this pedal.

Light Action Series

The Shimano R540 Light Action feature design proves in Pro Tour racing as well as the daily commuter. The extra-wide platforms, wide bearing placements, adjustable entry bindings and low profile designs transfers your power directly to the pedals.


Connecting to your bike like never before with the SPD-SL interface. SPD-SL pedals guarantee a reliable and efficient connection between you and the bike. A wide platform offers maximum power transfer and comfort.

Adjustable Tension

The adjustable tension design is there for the riders comfort of clipping in and out of the pedal with complete confidence and ease. Release is as simple and straightforward as always, just twist in or out, and the tension adjustment offers an impressively broad range.

Shimano's Commitment

In response to surging demand for global environmental preservation, bicycles now attract attention as the most eco-friendly means of transport. Shimano is dedicated to supply high-quality and high-performance components for different types of bicycles made in various countries and regions of the world, ranging from bicycles for the world’s top racers to daily users. Furthermore, Shimano has enhanced the product lineup, which was developed to provide more comfort and pleasure for commuting and shopping closely related to everyday life. The series features, for example, low maintenance by the internal geared hub and easy pedaling even while the light is on by the built-in hub dynamo. At Shimano, they pursue the creation of new designs and easy-to-use functions by keeping one jump ahead of the users’ imaginations, and they realize innovative new products excelling both in high precision and in durability by the metal-processing technologies they have developed for many years. This will encourage more people to use bicycles resulting in the spread of more eco-friendly lifestyles and the promotion of environmental preservation. With this view, Shimano is developing and producing truly “Captivating Products."

More Information
Brand Shimano
Model Line R
Manufacturer Part Number EPDR540LAW
UPC 689228355149
Product Weight 330 grams
Color White
Product Condition New in Box
Warranty Duration 2 Years
Pedal Type Clipless
Pedal Body Material Aluminum
Pedal Spindle Material Chromoly
Cleat Interface Shimano SPD-SL
Cleat Bolt Pattern 3 Bolt