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Campagnolo Record 11 Cassette 11-25T

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This Campagnolo Record 11 cassette has been designed to optimize the speed and fluidity of shifting. Its innovative machining reduces stress on the chain, allowing it to ascend more easily onto the higher diameter sprockets. The larger cogs are divided into sets of three and are mounted on a new aluminium frame, increasing the rigidity up to 180%, and individual sprockets are 70% more resistant to torsion. The steel sprockets have a Nickel-Chrome surface treatment for durability. The eight smallest cogs are steel and the three larger cogs are titanium. You'll love the solid, precision shifting offered by the new Campagnolo 11-speed rear sprockets.

Gear Range: 11-25
Weight: 210 g.

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Campagnolo Record 11 Cassette 11-25T