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Cane Creek 110 IS42/28.6 IS52/40 Headset Black

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Backed by a 110-year warranty and constructed in Fletcher, NC, the Cane Creek 110-Series headset is designed with no compromises in quality, durability, or finish quality. Integrated bearings fit directly into compatible head tubes without the need of a bearing press. Uses 36/45 degree crown race and compression ring. Designed to work with integrated 1-1/8" head tubes.

67 g.

Bearing Type: Cartridge
Color: Black
Weight: 67 grams
Upper Stack Height: 9 mm
Lower Stack Height: 1 mm
Crown Race: 30
Technical Description:110 IS42/28.6 top, IS52/40 lower
S.H.I.S Lower: IS52
S.H.I.S Upper: IS42
S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6 Threadless

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Cane Creek 110 IS42/28.6 IS52/40 Headset Black