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Castelli Inferno Bib Shorts

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The Castelli Inferno bib short is the ultimate bib short for racing and riding in hot conditions. The short was created based on Team Garmin-Barracuda's request for apparel that could contend with the blazing heat of Italy in May and France in July. Castelli examined the specific functions of every part of the short, then used seven different fabrics to construct a short that's as cool as possible, yet up to the task of performing for the most demanding riders. They even incorporated titanium dioxide (the ingredient in sunscreen) directly into the fabrics to reflect the sun's rays. In addition, Castelli's Free bib concept keeps your chest area free from fabric to enhance cooling. Abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon, knitted with super-wicking polyester, keeps your inside leg, crotch and seat areas dry and cool on the inside, while providing a tough and long-wearing fabric for the contact areas. The Revolutionary Progetto X2 chamois provides first-rate cushioning with excellent airflow. MP3 pocket on the bib. Reflective details.

Castelli Progetto X2 Pad

  • Four-way stretch allows pad to conform to your shape without folding
  • Air flows directly into the fabric surface to aid evaporation
  • Soft, seamless, bacteriostatic skin care layer prevents chafing
  • Cushioning layer with infinitely variable thickness offers progressive damping
  • Perforated, viscous padding provides zone comfort in the most sensitive areas

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Castelli Inferno Bib Shorts