Cytomax Sports Drink Tropical Fruit



Model: Cytosport
Flavor: Tropical Fruit


"Beat the burn" of lactic acid build-up with the buffering ingredient in Cytomax, Alpha-L-Polylactate. This key ingredient provides a clean-burning fuel source to working muscles while reducing the buildup of lactic acid. The addition of the all-natural sweetener Stevia offers an updated, lighter taste, allowing you to stay hydrated and refreshed without the heavy syrupy taste of most sports drinks. Available in tropical fruit, go grape, orange, citrus, and pomegranate berry. 4.5 lbs. 82 servings.

Because of the added weight, additional shipping charges may apply to food and drink orders.

Please Note: For your safety, we do not restock energy food or drink products returned to us.

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Cytomax Sports Drink Tropical Fruit

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