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Easton Haven Carbon 26-inch Disc Rear Wheel

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This wheel is NOT convertible to 142x12

The Easton Haven Carbon disc rear is the lightest all-mountain wheel on the market and features the first carbon rim designed exclusively for rugged trail riding. Built by engineers from the defense industry, these wheels are literally ready to go ballistic. They are made with Easton's proprietary Armored Ballistic Composite (ABC) materials including High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE), the product of choice for ultra-light body armor and other ballistic military applications. Proprietary resins provide the ABC composite with highly enhanced impact strength. Rim dimensions are the same as the aluminum Haven with 21mm internal rim width for up to a 2.5" tire and a true UST compatible outer wall profile for easy and secure mounting of proper tubeless tires without a rim strip. Also borrowed from the standard Haven are the unique, riveted-in, threaded nipple inserts that distribute stress more evenly than typical eyelets and allow for a thinner and lighter inner rim wall. Eye-catching, magnesium-finished M1 hub accepts an international standard six-bolt rotor and is laced with 24 double-butted straight-pull spokes in 3-cross lacing. 26-inch rear. Manufacturer's claimed weight for wheelset: 1450 g.

Easton is so confident in the durability of these wheels that they come with a 2-year, no-questions-asked, insurance policy, available through Easton.

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Easton Haven Carbon 26-inch Disc Rear Wheel