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Enve Downhill Handlebar

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The bar has been raised and the winner is the Enve Downhill Mountain Bar. This carbon handlebar is not only strong enough for huge jumps and drops, but its light enough for XC racing. The Enve Downhill bar is built for business, rigorously tested by the Santa Cruz Syndicate DH team. The extra-wide 800mm bar stance provides flexible comfort in the dirt, and the nine degree rearward sweep keeps your wrists in a relaxed, neutral position. Cut marks allow the 800mm width to be accurately trimmed down to 740mm. 5 year warranty.

Material: Carbon
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Sweep:9 deg.
Bend: 5 deg.
Rise: 23mm
Width: 800mm
Weight: 235 g.

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Enve Downhill Handlebar