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HED Belgium C2 Clincher Disc Rim

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By making the rim edge wider, the Hed Belgium Series C2 Clincher Disc Rim allows the tire to flow almost perfectly into the rim shape, ushering in a revolutionary step forward in aerodynamic performance. The wider tire mount also creates a larger contact patch with the road which distributes load better and lowers speed-sapping rolling resistance. All said, C2 technology improves aerodynamics, increases the road/tire contact patch for better cornering grip, decreases rolling resistance, and allows the wheel to be more comfortably ridden at a lower tire pressure. The Hed Belgium disc rim features a welded rim joint, disc-only braking, and is made with aluminum alloy that is shot-peened to increase strength. Available in 24 hole and weighs 460 grams.

Size: 700c
Rim depth: 24mm
Weight: 460 grams (32 hole)
Drilling:24 hole
Disc Brake
Recommended tire width: 21mm and greater

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HED Belgium C2 Clincher Disc Rim