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Kogel Bearings BSA Threaded 24mm Bottom Bracket - Ceramic

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No amount of bearing grease can fix a cheap bottom bracket. It will never ride as efficiently as a ceramic-based bottom bracket. Over time the performance only gets worse becoming, literally, a drag on each pedal stroke.
Now imagine riding your bike with ceramic bearing components, feeling the silky smooth 100% power transfer from each pedal stroke to your rear wheel. Your crankset spins almost completely silent with hardly any effort. A feeling lasting for years, not months.
Kogel's ceramic bottom brackets are one of the best options for maximizing the performance of your bike. Their entire line of silky-smooth bearing products offer exceptional value and guaranteed performance. Ready to experience your bike's true potential?
BSA-ROAD-24 for Shimano cranks. Fits a Shimano crank on a classic BSA threaded road frame.

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Kogel Bearings BSA Threaded 24mm Bottom Bracket - Ceramic