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Louis Garneau Women's WMBA Short XL

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Only the best for the WMBA, the Women's Mountain Bike Association of Colorado Springs. Their team shorts feature 8-panels tailored for total freedom of movement with no seams on the inside leg. Fit sensor fabric's double knit construction has a soft-brushed back to enhance moisture wicking and body heat regulation. The HuggFit waistband is soft around your abdomen and provides a high waist for the cycling position, while Power leg bands support muscles and keep shorts in place without irritating silicone leg grippers. Patented Airgel chamois conforms perfectly to your anatomy for free-motion, long-ride comfort.

Louis Garneau Airgel Chamois

  • Patented technology bonds a soft, Crabyon surface with breathable, perforated gel inserts
  • Crabyon fabric inhibits bacterial growth and is excellent for sensitive skin
  • Elasticity ensures a contoured, anatomic fit

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Louis Garneau Women's WMBA Short XL