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Santa Cruz Palmdale Grip



The Santa Cruz Palmdale Grip features a single lock-ring design, with colors to match any bike. A taper-lock core uses an internal sleeve that narrows towards the last 38mm (1.5") of the grip, effectively clamping onto the end of the bar to eliminate twisting. The Palmdale grip has a flared closed end for comfort, feel and security, with 8mm (0.3") of rubber with a subtle mushroom profile that resists scuffing, provides comfort and adds an intuitive feel for the bar end. The long grip length and waffle knurl provide maximum control, and a generous 125mm (4.9") grip length (excluding lock-ring) allows plenty of room to reposition hands on differing terrain and long rides. 136.7mm total length, 124.5mm usable grip length, and 30mm center diameter. 102 grams/pair.

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Santa Cruz Palmdale Grip