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Schwalbe Rocket Ron TL Ready Tire - 26in

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Schwalbe's redesigned super light Rocket Ron Tubeless Ready tire answers almost every demand at once: incredible grip with extremely low weight and is fully loaded with Schwalbe's best technologies and a 15% reduction in rolling resistance. The new, stronger tread blocks now have V-Groove siping that creates more surface area for better grip but retains the open tread pattern with exceptional self-cleaning capabilities. Schwalbe Tubeless (TL) Ready tires have a new textured sidewall that provides a bit more protection to make tubeless mounting super easy and reduces sealant bleeding. The specifically shaped and coated tire bead quickly seals on the rim and provides safer seating without the extra weight penalty of true UST tires.

Size: 26x2.25
Weight: 465g.
Max Psi:55

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Schwalbe Rocket Ron TL Ready Tire -  26in