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Ultegra R8000 Build Kits With Custom Wheels

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The Shimano Ultegra R8000 Build Kits offer all of the components necessary to build your frame into a complete bicycle.

Chris King R45DT Swiss 240SDT Swiss 240S Straight PullDT Swiss 350DT Swiss 350 Straight PullHope Mono RSOnyx Road
DT RR 411$2,058$1,842$1,920$1,528$1,569$1,540$1,863
Easton R90 SL$1,920$1,880N/A$1,566$1,607$1,578$1,901
HED Belgium Plus$1,989$1,949$2,027$1,634N/A$1,647$1,969
Mavic CXP Pro$1,848$1,799N/A$1,485N/A$1,497$1,820
Mavic Open Pro CD$1,857$1,808N/A$1,494N/A$1,507$1,829
Mavic Open Pro Silver$1,838$1,789N/A$1,475N/A$1,487$1,810
Nox Falkor 36R$2,643$2,603$2,682$2,289$2,331$2,302$2,624
Nox Falkor 55R$2,643$2,603$2,682$2,289$2,331$2,302$2,624