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Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 Rear Derailleur



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The Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 Rear Derailleur delivers unrivaled chain control and shift performance that doesn't degrade over time. With Shimano Shadow RD+ clutch technology, the RD-M9050 is the ultimate mountain bike rear derailleur. Its profile is narrower than ever, helping you squeeze through tight sections without worry of damage. A refined geometry augments Shimano's already legendary performance stability while system communication with the front derailleur makes Shimano Synchronized Shift a possibility. Features

  • Instantaneous shift response to rider input
  • 1x and 2x compatible
  • Weight: 298 g.
  • Seamless gear changes
  • Shimano Synchronized Shift compatible
  • System communication with front derailleur
  • E-tube electric wire transmission guarantees stable performance
  • Lowest profile rear derailleur ever produced by Shimano
  • Advantage in all conditions

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Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 Rear Derailleur