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Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck



The new Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck is 15% smaller in all dimensions than the original Hiro and utilizes a new plated steel wing design which allows for better compression control. New single stage 254 Gasket allows the chuck to be placed over the valve with no interference or pressure, and then be locked into place with the new low profile lever. The Hiro V3.0 allows for one handed use in all disc wheels and on all valve extenders. The Hiro Chuck is in use by some 50% of Pro Tour teams and hundreds of shops and professional mechanics worldwide. The Side-Lever Locking Chuck is classic SILCA quality and manufacturing in every detail. Made entirely from Carbon tool steel, 100% rebuildable, and utilizing high-tech elastomer gasket design, the 254, which is already available for replacement sale and like all other SILCA gaskets, will remain available for the next 25 years and probably longer.


  • HIRO is disc wheel compatible and the locking mechanism makes it ideal for high pressure situations
  • Full metal construction, guaranteed for 25 years
  • Can effectively seal on valve stems as short as 10mm
  • Uses SILCA 254 High-Tech Elastomer gasket
  • Adjustable gasket pre-load allows for custom fit on any valve as well as compensation for gasket wear
  • Spring loaded lever for better force management and positive on/off feel.
  • Male Schrader thread fits into any Schrader chuck, or use SILCA Thread-On Schrader Adapter to fit to bare hose
  • Bullet-proof high-pressure, disc compatible chuck for high pressure situations

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Silca Hiro Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck