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Silca Superpista Ultimate Hiro Edition Floor Pump


The ultimate floor pump has been achieved with the aptly named SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Edition Floor Pump. High tech manufacturing methods and materials have been combined with old world materials and ideals to create an heirloom quality product that is a functional work of art. The SuperPista Ultimate base provides the largest, most stable platform available in a floor pump to date, and the laboratory grade gauge provides the best precision and accuracy of a fine-tuned tool. A very high strength neodymium magnet holds the new Hiro steel chuck in the dock with enough force that the pump can be picked up by the handle for transport without undocking, yet a quick pull of the hose quickly frees the chuck. The Hiro Side-Lever Locking Chuck is attached to a SILCA exclusive hose that is rated to 12,000 psi, originally designed for use in race car and aircraft brake lines. The hose is made from a smooth bore PTFE liner, over-braided in stainless steel, and then over-extruded in protective and beautiful red urethane. Rotational fittings are used at both ends of the hose, allowing it to flex and rotate. SILCA uses the classic 741 Leather Washer to move the air inside the 2.5mm wall thickness main barrel, and the PTFE impregnated, hard anodized piston rod runs in a high precision IGUS bushing for ultimate smoothness and ease. The pump is finished with hand turned Purpleheart Wood handles coupled to 3 investment cast stainless steel lugs for the ultimate work of art. Total weight is 7 pounds. 25 year hard parts warranty.

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Silca Superpista Ultimate Hiro Edition Floor Pump