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Sugoi RS Zero Bib Tight XL Black



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Cold weather gear can get very bulky very fast. The Sugoi RS Zero bib tight is streamlined to deliver the performance of racing shorts with extra knee coverage. First of all, Sugoi has eliminated the inseam stitching to reduce fraying from saddle rub. Plus, with a design cut from 8 panels, the bib tights have been meticulously shaped for the riding position. A high-rise bib section, with four-inch zipper, acts as an integrated base-layer, with easy on and off for pit stops. Stirrups at the ankles provide a secure fit, while sealing out the elements. To top off the precision fit, you get Sugoi's Formula FX chamois, featuring VControl foam padding, a perforated center channel, and 4-way stretch side panels that mold to your body's contours.

Sugoi Formula FX Chamois

  • Welded center channel with perforation promotes ventilation and pressure relief
  • 4-way stretch side panels mold to your body's contours
  • VControl high-density padding offers progressive vibration dampening

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Sugoi RS Zero Bib Tight XL Black