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Thomson Mountain Carbon Bar 15mm Rise 750mm



The rugged, well-thought-out Thomson MTB Carbon Bars are fabricated with three different carbon fiber types, offering different tensile strength and tensile modulus to help allocate stiffness and flex where needed. The bars are molded with an EPS mandrel inside to avoid wrinkles inside the lay-up (most bars are molded over inflated nylon bladders.) Thomson's bar uses only Toray carbon fiber, plus special nano Epoxy Resin for high impact resistance (Toray is the main supplier of carbon fiber to Boeing and Airbus.) 1.5K woven ends help prevent damage to unidirectional fibers from shortening the bar or from impact with the ground. Certified to EN and tested to DIN+.

Material: Toray carbon fiber
Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
Bend:8 deg. backsweep
Rise:5 deg.
Width: 750mm
Weight: 215 grams

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Thomson Mountain Carbon Bar 15mm Rise 750mm