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Tri All 3 Sports Velo Safe Pro Series ISP Bike Case

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Tired of disassembling and reassembling your bike when you travel? The Tri All 3 Velo Safe Pro Series ISP case is specifically designed for bikes with integrated seat posts and other large frames, and eliminates the need to disconnect cable runs, stem, bars and peddles. Simply pull your wheels off, turn your bars, place your frame in the case and attach the front fork to the fork mount. The bottom bracket rests on a foam pedestal and the chain stays are secured with Velcro® straps. Your saddle height remains in perfect adjustment. Once your frame is secured, your wheels attach to the sidewalls with Velcro® straps. There is plenty of room in the case for your helmet, shoes and other racing gear. Interior measures 47"L x 13"W x 32"H and weighs 39 lbs.

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Tri All 3 Sports Velo Safe Pro Series ISP Bike Case