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Zipp Tangente Speed R25 Clincher Tire



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Zipp is committed to offering a high-performance race tire at the 25mm go-to width for road cyclists. The Tangente Speed R25 tire is major upgrade over Zipp's previous 25mm-wide offerings. For starters, Zipp uses a more advanced durometer rubber, almost 12 months in development, for lower rolling resistance while also gaining improved cornering grip and tread longevity. This enhanced longevity and performance was confirmed by internal testing showing that both rolling resistance and grip both actually improve in the first 100 miles as the tire breaks in.

Size: 700 x 25
Weight: 180g.
220 TPI nylon casing
57 ShA durometer rubber
Improved cornering grip
Durable and puncture resistant
Water sipping tread pattern
Min/Max Inflation: 90/145psi

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Zipp Tangente Speed R25 Clincher Tire